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Boston Baseball Camp


Welcome to Boston Baseball Camp!         

We are so excited to share our love of the game with you!

A few logistics:

  • Camp begins at 9:00 each morning.  Campers should arrive between 8:40 and 8:45.  Drop off is front of the Bajko ice hockey rink.  Staff will be on duty to greet campers.

  • Closing exercises are also held in front of the rink daily at 1:50.  Parents are invited.  Campers are released to parents or designated driver at 2:00.

  • Early release of campers is discouraged but can be accommodated if the camper presents a note to Coach McCarthy or Coach Gavin in the morning.  One of these two will release the camper to their parent or designated driver at the appointed time.

  • Weather: In the event of rain in the AM parents should use their own discretion.  Every effort will be made to hold camp, but we have limited indoor facilities.  If it begins to rain during the day, campers will be brought to a protected area until the rain stops.  Parents are encouraged to pick up the campers if it appears that the rain will wash out the day’s activities.

At Boston Baseball Camp we reinforce this message:  


A  few important rules:

  • Campers must remain with their team and coach at all times.  All teams will follow the daily schedule.

  • Camp hats must be worn at all times for both identification and protection from the sun.

  • Participation in all aspects of camp schedule is required unless a documented condition exists.


If a camper violates any of the above rules:

  • A warning will be issued by the coach

  • Camper will spend a time-out with Coach McDermott or Mary Grady

  • Continued misbehavior will lead to a parent conference and possibly a one day suspension.

  • As a final measure, following a conference with the camper’s parent, the camper may be removed from camp.


Message Line: : 617-953-5487

Email: [email protected]